Vintage Foxy Boxing – Allie Parker vs Desi Derata SD WMV

Love vintage style, big puffy boxing gloves? How about the sexy lingerie foxy boxing from 1970s magazines?  Allie “Punch Em Out” Parker and Desi “Destruction” Derata clash in the new old school Lingerie Boxing Classic!  Desi Derata is an absolute tower of power, and Allie Parker is a feisty little spitfire.  Will Allie be able to chop down the statuesque Desi, or will Desi jab Allie in to oblivion?  Big, head snapping punches and pummeling belly beatings are sure to follow, and the loser will be used for a human punching bag!Fantasy foxy boxing in lingerie starring Allie Parker and Desi Derata SD WMVSpoilers: Allie Parker wins and Desi Derata is used for a boxing bondage human punching bag!